Sunday, April 14, 2024
Kathleen leading the GCDA cookery club at HOC

The GCDA cookery club ran is a five week cooking course, aimed at promoting healthy eating. It is run by GCDA  (Greenwich co-operative Development Agency). Each session has as a theme an aspect of healthy eating. Themes included sugar, salt, fruit and fat. In each session we examined the contents of different ingredients in food labels, discussed the dangers of certain ingredients, and how we could avoid them, or have more of them if necessary. After this we prepared a meal based on the theme of the session.

Careful with those fingers!

All the meals included a main course and dessert. Cooking and eating together in a group made the experience more rewarding. Most of the food was very tasty. I particularly liked the apricot compote, which combines dried apricots with almond flakes and yoghurt.

Dinner is served

If you attend all the sessions, you get a free recipe book which includes the recipes you have been involved in preparing during the course.


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