Sunday, April 14, 2024
The Smart Chameleon is all about the well being of parents. Adapt & Evolve” is our moto because from the moment you decide to start a family there is no pause button… You are constantly adjusting to grow stronger and finding new ways to become better.
At The Smart Chameleon, we focus on solutions and breaking some of the common barriers mum’s face when trying to do something for themselves.
The main aim is to fight depression, improve self-love and increase confidence whilst improving fitness levels and general health in the process, giving mum’s a much needed break from routine and sometimes loneliness.
Very often, after becoming parents, mum’s give up certain activities because they cannot find a space to fit their new routine and family therefore we strive to find alternatives that will help mum’s maintain a balanced lifestyle, where having a family is plus, not a barrier for looking after themselves.
Our sessions welcome all siblings, from babies to toddlers and bigger children, no matter their age or how many. All, are welcome to come along with mum and during sessions, we have games, soft play and toys so that mum’s can enjoy some “ME” time, whilst their little ones are distracted playing. Other barriers mum’s tend to face when trying to do any activity is bringing a buggy along, not being comfortable breastfeeding in public, remembering to bring water – let alone a mat -therefore to surpass all that, we welcome prams, mum’s can change their babies next to them, breastfeed on the spot instead of having to go to a quiet area (re-packing all the baby gear one tends to carry along) and we also provide water/cups, exercise mats for mum’s and bouncer/mats for babies so mum’s can just rock up and enjoy the session.
We believe that, by providing flexible, safe and fun spaces for parents to exercise together, they can relax and unwind from all the stresses and this not only leads to happier, healthier and more confident parents but also spreads to those who surround them, from family to friends which also benefits the community.
We hope to do more in the future. Help us grow. Spread the word.


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